Slin Lee The one and only

Project Updates - The Rivendell Platypus is ready to ride!

Here’s a quick update on the project ideas I mentioned last time.

  1. Rivendell Platypus - complete! It’s ready to be used for commuting. The bike is for my wife, but I’ve taken it on some test rides for bringing the kids to and from school. It’s so nice. It’ll get a basket soon. I’ve also got to set up my Clem again since it loaned a few parts to the Platypus.

  2. Speed limit app - Chatting with EP, I made a quick web page POC to grab the speed of the phone and started poking at different API to get the speed limit. Then I quickly lost interest so I’ve moved on from this one.

Next Up:

  • ‘’ for Rivendell Readers
  • Something small and fun for the cli/tui with
  • A reflector with Nekocycles - I’m thinking of a Caltrain destination tag and/or googly-eyes that fit on the front of a Wald basket. It would be fun if the eyes bounced too.

Someday later:

  • Sunrise/Sunset chimes