Slin Lee The one and only

Projects, Projects, Projects

What I’m working on now

  • Rivendell Platypus Build. I got a frame in Dec that I’m in the process of building up. It’ll have many of the parts from my Clem stock build, but with Albatross bars.

    In turn, the Clem will get a bunch of used parts that I sourced off ebay, the Analog Cycles ‘secret sale’ or the RBW Owner’s Bunch. It’ll get some M-bar’s which are designed by Blue Lug to be tweaked versions of the Albatross bars. The Boscos were feeling a bit too high.

Potential Projects

Other things that I’m thinking about:

  • Raspberry Pi sunrise/sunset chime. This would be a small hardware project that plays a chime for sunrise and sunset each day. The idea is based off a video with Jack Forrester about what type of what complication he’d love to see. It’s only Raspberry Pi because I have two that aren’t really being used right now.
  • Speed limit tracker app. One way to make it safer for people walking and riding bikes is for drivers to obey the speed limit, at the very least. This would be a very basic app that shows the current speed limit in very large text, and it’s green when you’re within the limit and red otherwise. The opportunities to expand would be tracking that metric to show people how safely they drive. I imagine this is app would be like the ‘todo list’ example app of GPS apps, plus hitting up an API or local library for the current speed limit.
  • ‘’ for Rivendell Readers - Just to play with the current AI stuff and hopefully make something fun to play with for folks in my bike niche. I was inspired by the Gumroad interview project to recreate The first step would just to get something working using the code shared at askmybook’s git repo.

Feel free to steal any of these ideas. Let me know if you make them happen or want to work on them together!