Slin Lee The one and only

Hey you, wake up and put on your shoes

Running with a smile

Go for the jog. You’ll feel great. And if you don’t do it now, you won’t go today.

Olive’s bugging you for food so it’s probably about 5 am. 5:30 if you’re lucky. Roll out of bed, feed Olive. Drink a glass of water and put on your running shoes. Check the weather by looking out the window, not on your phone. You’ll end up reading the news. Quick, get out the door.

It’s wonderfully peaceful outside. It’s quiet. The other people you see running are so cool. Your mind will wander, calm down, and then sometimes make a list of all the things you should do.

Get back home but don’t take your shoes off yet- get the leash and take Olive on a walk. You’ll have more time to let her sniff all the things she wants. She deserves longer walks, but watch out, it’s still dark outside and it’s hard to tell if she’s eating something off the ground. It would be nice if Olive liked to run on a leash.

Get home, shower. Your wife and baby are just getting up. You’ve forgotten the whole to-do list already. Oh well?